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Less than half of soldiers with mental health issues seek treatment. Instead, many turn to alcohol or drugs to help cope. The Counseling Center is honored to have worked with the Veterans of our local communities for over thirty years. We offer both individual and group therapy sessions, where Veterans can hear from others who truly understand the realities of combat service. Our on-staff specialist is experienced in helping Veterans work through issues including PTSD and depression. Contact us today to begin your journey.


Families and Couples


From time to time families have problems with communication or a child that is struggling, causing problems in the families inter action. Or there may be issues between the parents. We have highly trained therapists who can help a family through whatever crisis they may be experiencing. These counselors can help a family start communicating with one another, bring peace to a troubled family or an adult relationship. Our therapists work with traditional couples and same gender couples.




The Counseling Center currently does not have a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor on staff. However, we can help our clients with addiction issues by identifying the underlying cause of the problem from a mental health prospective and work with our clients to get through their issues. The Counseling Center refers clients to Serenity Lane (Albany, Oregon) or the Linn County Alcohol and Drug Department for alcohol and drug treatment.




The Counseling Center works with young adults from all walks of life. They range from middle school to high school or out of school. Our therapists work with issues relating to dating, family, school, interpersonal, as well as depression, anxiety, PTDS, anger, stress, and other issues.




The Counseling Center has highly trained therapists who work with children who are struggling with PTSD, anger problems, anxiety, stress, depression, communication, and behavioral issues. Our therapists are very welcoming, understanding, and accepting of each child.